Motion Sensor Thermostat Products That Can Help You Save Big on Heating & Cooling Costs

Motion Sensor ThermostatMDM Lodging has partnered with Verdant Environmental Technologies to bring you a product that can help your hotel or lodging facility save a ton on energy costs. Our motion sensor thermostat products are on the cutting edge of hotel lodging equipment and can ensure that every PTAC unit you have can keep guests cozy without overworking unnecessarily.

How Does It Work?

The built-in motion sensor intelligently detects when there are guests in the room. It allows them to manually set the temperature, just like a normal thermostat. The difference is this:

  • When guests leave the room, the thermostat no longer detects their presence, thus shifting into high-efficiency mode
  • This mode has minimum and maximum allowable temperatures so the room never gets too hot or too cold, but also consumes as little energy as possible
  • It also is intuitive enough to know when a guest is sleeping versus when they are not in the room, helping it to maintain proper operation throughout the night

The end result could be huge savings on your utilities and possibly larger profit margins for your facility. And if this is the result, we believe we have done our job right. At MDM Lodging, we want to see our business partners succeed and we are happy to provide them with the tools they need to do so.

To explore the various features and implementation of motion sensor thermostat technologies at your lodging facility, contact MDM Lodging today.

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