MDM Healthcare Offers Hospital Patient TV Systems and Related Equipment

Hospital Patient TV SystemsFounded in 1990, MDM Healthcare has established itself as a leading supplier of healthcare-grade equipment and technology that provide hospitals and other facilities with integrated solutions that fit their needs. You can rely on us to provide you with hospital patient TV systems that are affordable, scalable, and easily integrated with your existing clinical systems.

MDM Healthcare offers a wide range of products that are suitable for healthcare facilities of all types and sizes. Our options include:

  • LED and LCD displays in various dimensions, including compact options that easily fit in patient rooms and large-screen displays or video walls that suit the digital signage needs of large lobbies and other spaces
  • UL-listed healthcare-grade equipment from trusted brands like LG and PDi
  • All of the accessories necessary for proper setup and use in a hospital setting, including pillow speakers, swing arms, wall mounts, brackets, remote controls, and much more that are specifically designed for oxygen-enriched environments

When you turn to MDM Healthcare for your healthcare equipment, you can also expect dedicated service and support throughout the process of upgrading your facility. For example, MDM Healthcare will take care of the setup and installation of your new equipment to ensure it is integrated and functioning properly so that you can transition seamlessly to the new systems.

If you’re searching for patient TV systems that meet the needs of your hospital or other healthcare facility, you can find what you’re looking for with MDM Healthcare. Contact us today by calling 800-359-6741 to place an order or request assistance selecting the right equipment for your facility.