Medical Monitors


Diagnostic Monitors 

LG diagnostic monitors increase the accuracy of diagnosis by displaying digitalized medical images that are as accurate and precise as possible.Read more on these products 31-inch 12MP Diagnostic Monitor  LG 21.3′ 3MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor LG 32HL512D 8MP Diagnostic Monitor

High Resolution

LG Diagnostics Monitors can be set for greater Interoperability across multiple modalities. With high brightness levels of 1080 cd/m², LG Diagnostics Monitors enable medical professionals to easily distinguish even fine details and abnormalities for a more accurate diagnosis. With IPS panels, a wide viewing angle ensure images without distortion from every angle. 

High Usability

LG Diagnostic Monitors feature an Auto Luminance Sensor which automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. As a result, eye strain is reduced by ensuring screen brightness is always set to the optimal level. In addition, the LG Diagnostics Monitor includes the Focus View Mode which allows you to review a specific part of the medical image more closely.

High Stability and Credibility

LG Diagnostic Monitors feature HW Calibration, which helps to stabilize image quality, and a backlight brightness stability sensor which allows the monitor to automatically compensate for fluctuations in brightness caused by aging. Clinical pathology mode allows the monitor to reproduce the same level of detail and accurate color as seen directly under a microscope.


Surgical Monitors

LG surgical monitors contribute to better surgical results with accurate color reproduction and stable image transmission. Read more on these products: 27” 4K UHD Surgical Monitor with Mini-LEDand 31.5-inch 4K UHD IPS Surgical Monitor

High Resolution

Following the introduction of operating room hybridization in recent years, a variety of medical information – such as endoscopic and microscopic images, surgical video feeds, heart rate monitoring, respiratory and brain activity, X-ray and ultrasound images, as well as electronic patient charts – has to be easily accessible and visible to the medical staff in the limited space of the operating room. LG Surgical Monitor supports 4PBP to connect up to 4 devices and view them on one screen, and PIP to display a separate small screen. It allows medical professionals to see multiple signals at once.

High Usability

In surgeries that require several surgeons, all medical staff in the operating room can accurately share the view of the operating scene by seeing the screen in the same direction as the scene seen from the opposite side of the operating table. LG surgical monitor supports rotation and mirror mode for displaying in the required direction and angle for surgery.

High Stability and Credibility

Conventional displays can vary in luminance by more than 20% within the first several hours after being turned on, negatively affecting the surgical outcome. LG Surgical Monitor's internal backlight sensor automatically compensates for changes in brightness caused by ambient temperature and aging to maintain a consistently stable display.

Surgeries are characterized by high unpredictability, a clean and stable medical monitor can minimize the risks in demanding environments. LG Surgical monitors help prevent a potential risk with a dustproof and water resistance rating of IP35 on the front and IP32 on the back in a demanding environment. Moreover, LG's surgical monitors are highly durable and have the hardness & vandal-proof rating of 8H IK06 grade, resulting in a lower potential risk by holding up well against external mechanical impact.

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