Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an electronic version of your catalog available?

Yes, please visit our Healthcare or Lodging page to download.

What is the difference between “consumer grade” and “hospital grade”?

  • Hospital sets are UL Listed for use in a patient room
  • A hospital grade set is still a commercial unit
    • Commercial units are designed and built to withstand use for 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Advanced heat dissipation is the key that allows for greater operating time
    • Consumer grade sets are designed to be used 8-12 hours a day and rely on powered off time to cool down
  • Hospital sets are cloneable via an SD card or USB port
    • Easily transfer settings from one set to any number of additional set
    • Allows for quick and easy setup of multiple displays decreasing implementation time which saves money
  • Hospital sets have a pillow speaker port built in
    • Can integrate with all nurse call systems available today
  • Hospital sets have power saving features
    • Great for the facility that wants to upgrade their technology without increasing costs

What cost saving features do commercial/hospital sets have?

  • Intelligent sensor – responds to the ambient light in the room and then reduces brightness and energy output under most circumstances.
  • Dynamic Power Savings – responds to the brightness level on the incoming video while still providing superior picture quality.
  • Static power savings – allows the installer to set the preferred power consumption level.
  • USB or SD card cloning – allows the installer to easily transfer settings from one set any number of additional sets.

Did you know?

  • MDM is the largest reseller of LG healthcare grade/hospital grade televisions in the United States
  • MDM carries healthcare/hospital grade televisions

What is the difference between lampless projectors and portable projectors?

  • Lampless projects have an LED/Laser combined light source that replaced the light bulbs that used to be in the lamp projectors
  • The portable projectors still have the traditional bulbs that provides the amount of hours on the bulb

How do I begin working with MDM Commercial?

Please feel free to call 800-359-6741.

What Financing options are available?

MDM works with its customers to accommodate a plan to meet their financial needs. MDM offers a variety of payment options: net 30 days for established accounts; 1 through 5 year financing; and prepayment by check. End-of-lease purchase options are available. Standard business information will be requested prior to final credit approval by MDM. Requested information typically includes the following: Complete credit application; Financial statements; Bank Reference.

What about warranty and service?

We have the most comprehensive customer service available to assist you with any service or warranty issues. Call our customer service department directly at 800-359-6741, or send us an email customerservice@mdmcommercial.com.

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