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Cruise ship guests today expect to be dazzled and entertained throughout each stage of their journey. Our Pro AV/DVLED displays create a glittering, luxurious experience for your passengers by showcasing stunning visuals throughout the ship. 

Given the lavishness of today’s mega cruise ships, the digital displays aboard must deliver an equally satisfying experience as they fulfill a wide range of informational and entertainment needs. Guests begin their voyage greeted by magnificent outdoor digital displays which set the tone for the rest of their trip. Inside, passengers are immersed in modern luxury as they take in a visual feast for the eyes. Picture the impact that can be made from promenade decks adorned with the dazzling color and brightness of an LG Fine-Pitch Direct View LED display, razor-thin, lightweight OLED Wallpaper Display, or Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall with a virtually flawless design.

Digital signage and display technologies are the keys to creating a guest experience that is truly second to none. The state-of-the-art technology is also guaranteed to deliver exactly the right content at exactly the right time seamlessly and easily. This is because at the heart of the ship’s display network is LG’s Pro:Centric® SMART, an HTML-based solution that allows you to deliver a wide range of content from cable, satellite, or video-on-demand. Customized Apps can also be offered along with the ability to provide vessel-wide communications, such as event schedules, dining reminders, and more, from a central location on-site or remotely.

In an environment where first-class digital messaging, reliability, and intelligibility are critical, networked AV and high-quality, flexible display technologies provide the real-time control necessary to meet the rigorous and evolving requirements of large vessels. The high-quality imaging and innovative network technologies also provide an excellent environment for the captain and crew in the ship’s command center.

Are you also looking to upgrade your in-cabin viewing options? We also offer the finest SMART hospitality TVs enhanced with the latest technology.


Enhance a variety of areas on your ship with our products such as curved indoor DVLED displays, UHD Multi-Touch digital displays, and outdoor DVLED displays. These areas include:


Large Dining Rooms

Gathering Spaces

Retail Spaces

Fitness Centers



Terminal Interiors  

Pool Side  

Outdoor Performance Stages  

Control Rooms  

LIFESTYLE_Corporate_55TC3CD_Touch Screen

MDM Commercial: Your One Stop Pro AV Integrator

Our expert team can help you to create a signage plan and, as desired, oversee your project from start to finish. We offer a wide range of products, leveraging our big buying power to get you the best prices possible. Plus, if you don’t see what you need, reach out. MDM Commercial has deep industry connections and we’re always expanding our product line.

We can provide complete setup and installation services, getting your signage up and operating quickly. If you need to upgrade, we can handle that without the hassle. Plus, our experienced technical support team can answer all your questions and address your needs.

If your marketing team needs digital signage, graphic design, and content creation services, just let us know. We can create branded messaging that brings your vision to life, collaborating with your team without adding work for you.



Fully Customizable

Provide exactly the right content for passengers and staff. Using our content creation tools and easy-to-use templates, personalizing information is seamless. To make usage even more convenient, MDM Commercial offers digital display content solutions.


Real-Time Changes

Events, performances, daily menus, important messages to guests, safety announcements and more can be updated in a fraction of a second.


Facilitate Information Absorption

Give passengers the data they need in a glimpse—and help keep your ship operating smoothly by displaying directions, dining menus, activity schedules, and much more.


Enhanced Revenue Streams

Interactive digital advertisements are an eye-catching form of marketing that allows you to promote products in real time. They also allow you to display your brand messaging, which further connects guests to your brand and keeps them coming back.


Digital & Wayfinding Signage Solutions

Digital signage in your facility can transform your brand. As you provide an improved experience for passengers and expand your marketing reach, your digital signage solutions can serve as true difference makers for your vessel.


LG displays offer image brightness, clarity, and wide-viewing-angle legibility to help keep passengers informed, safe, and entertained.


Our Direct View LED displays offer:


  • Exceptional image quality and legibility


  • Brilliant video and text reproduction for travel updates, wayfinding information, and safety protocols


  • Dynamic, flexible content management for adapting messaging as frequently as needed


  • Networked content to change/update all location displays at one time


  • Remote content to change/update all displays regionally at one time


  • Very efficient, cost-effective, and green, with no consumable materials or trash as with printed signage


  • No lifts or ladders needed to change sign content

MDM is the experienced choice for your cruise line digital signage needs with decades of experience in the industry. From start to finish, you’ll benefit from unsurpassed customer service from our dedicated account managers. Our one-stop shop will meet all of your needs with modern products and systems and our second-to-none consulting services. To talk about your needs, please contact us online or call 877-228-5310.

Please note that some content on this page was originally published in LG’s Lookbook Cruise Lines