What Do Healthcare TV’s Have That Others Don’t? A LOT!

Still wondering what the big differences are between healthcare and consumer grade televisions? Well wonder no more! MDM is hear to answer those questions.

Check out the list below for some of the unique features that televisions approved by UL for hospital patient-room use have and consumer grade products don’t!

Key Feature: Hospital Grade UL-Approved

  • Benefit: This rating insures maximum patient safety, from cabinet design to electrical isolation, for any display product used in the potentially oxygen-enriched patient environment.

Key Feature: Brand Agile Pillow-Speaker Compatibility and Internal Speaker Control

  • Benefit: Allows seamless integration to all brands of wired nurse-call system pillow- speakers, plus allows the facility to enable or disable the internal television speaker.

Key Feature: QuickSet Programming

  • Benefit: Dramatically reduces installation time by allowing rapid “cloning” of all TV menu settings, including: channel map, brightness, min/max volume levels, start channel (for hospital messaging), etc.

Key Feature: SuperPort / MPI

  • Benefit: The SuperPort and MPI (multiple protocol interface) allow seamless integration to a host of interactive television system providers, and television system control devices.

Key Feature: Power Management Setting

  • Benefit: Reduces operating cost by turning the television off after a predetermined time of inactivity. Can be set from 1 to 7 hours.

Key Feature: Commercial Warranty

  • Benefit: Two years parts and labor Commercial Warranty. Plus dedicated toll-free service hotline.