Patient Experience

The Patient Experience

In the competitive industry of healthcare, it’s important to stand out among your peers. With MDM Healthcare, we have a comprehensive solution and are a full solutions provider that is guaranteed to improve patient engagement in your healthcare facility! A critical component of any quality healthcare system includes the ability to provide an unsurpassed patient experience. Patient experience includes a variety of factors centered on delivering high-value interactions with patients, such as easy access to information, flexible communication with healthcare providers, and ongoing patient education when and where it is best for patients and all without adding steps in your nurses day.

The Journey Advantage

Journey offers solutions for patient education via television, Smart devices, email and patient portals all within the same care team workflow. Journey media and content can be viewed in the hospital, clinic or home. Using smart Cloud technology to offer easy access throughout the continuum of care as well as the benefit of decreasing the cost and footprint of hardware in your hospital, it is a win-win.

Patient Content

The Journey patient education library includes over 3000 videos and is available to all clients via our MDM Cloud-Based media system. Having one library provides health systems with a consistent patient education message that improves health literacy. Using Cloud technology to deliver patient education and patient engagement tools, gives hospitals the flexibility to prescribe and deliver education to the patient’s hospital bed as well as extend that delivery of education to associated clinics and pre/post-discharge to the personal devices.

MDM Commercial

MDM Commercial is a full solutions provider. One team delivers proven solutions for your in-room televisions, infrastructure, and all patient experience touch points. We constantly work to provide the best technology and the highest-grade software. If you would like to know more about our company or our products and services, please give us a call today at 800-359-6741.