MDM Sponsors State Championship Winning Baseball Team!

What a season the Julington Creek Blue Thunder All Stars had this summer. After an amazing regular season, the team made it to the state championship and…WON! As one of the Blue Thunder All Stars sponsors, MDM couldn’t be more proud of the whole team and is pleased to have had the opportunity to help them achieve a widely successful season! Congratulations!

“This is Mikey Romano I play centerfield for the Julington Creek Blue Thunder All Stars team that Mr. Steve and MDM sponsored. This summer we were 23-1 and won the State Championship, woo hoo! It was so much fun for me and my team to go to Palm Beach and stay in a real neat hotel that had a waterfall inside of it. We stayed there almost a whole week. It rained every day but we had a great time, and the best part was winning the State Championship. We won the semi finals 6-1 and the Championship 13-0. We were all crying happy tears. My dad picked me up and I squeezed him real tight because he was our coach. Thank you MDM for helping us go on this great trip, Mikey Romano #17


From all of us here at MDM, you are so welcome Mikey and team. Looking forward to many more winning seasons for the Julington Creek Blue Thunder All Stars!