10 Key Areas to Place Digital Signage to Give Guests a Memorable Experience

10 Key Areas to Place Digital Signage to Give Guests a Memorable Experience

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In order to gain a competitive edge in today’s market, hospitality brands have invested in technology to enhance their guest experience. Technology enriches the guest experience and modernizes hospitality brands, and guests are willing to pay more for it. A recent study published by Hospitality Tech showed that 65% of those surveyed indicated that they like to use innovative and modern technology when they interact with a hotel and are willing to pay more.  

Hotels can invest in digital signage and display technology to provide guests with modern, elevated, and individualized experiences. These products also enhance hotel properties by providing unique design elements. Digital signage offers a range of benefits that can help these venues stand out from the competition. Here are 10 key areas to use digital signage that will ensure your guests will have a more memorable stay. 

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Welcome Guests With Personalized Greetings

Digital signage in hotel lobbies can welcome groups, display event schedules, and promote on-site and local activities, dining options, and special promotions. Ultra-Stretch or Large Format digital signage, located in lobbies can serve to greet guests with personalized messages and other vital information.  

Digital Concierge Stations Engage Guests

Interactive touchscreens located throughout the hotel encourage visitors and guests to get information about local events and dining options, including the ability to book reservations or purchase event tickets. Guests can conveniently check their flight information, and print travel itineraries and boarding passes*, freeing them up to discover more about the hotel’s amenities. Digital concierge stations also reduce a hotel’s additional labor costs allowing employees to concentrate on other tasks or services.  


Speedy and Secure Self-serve Check-in

Guests will appreciate the shortened wait times and enhanced privacy provided by small format self-serve check-in displays. This personalized experience increases revenue by letting guests control their stay with selections like upgrading their room, scheduling spa treatments or other on-site amenities. Guests then download a virtual room key on their smartphone to open their room’s door. The efficiency continues when the guest turns on LG’s Pro:Centric® in-room TV. All selections they chose are displayed along with their personalized schedule.   

Inviting Lounge Areas

Hotel guests, many of whom travel alone, will certainly appreciate the opportunity to relax, enjoy a beverage and watch a sporting event or popular show in the hotel lounge. Digital signage can also multitask in lounge areas, displaying food menus and beverage options, and highlighting on-site activities and amenities. Video walls display sporting events, news programming, and popular shows while also serving as menu boards.   

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Provide a Personalized Connected In-Room Experience

Provide guests today with the ability to stay connected and be entertained. LG’s Pro:Centric® Direct technology can deliver personalized messaging to individual guest room TVs, push real-time information like weather, hotel events, and guest amenities, and streamline in-room activities such as check-out, message retrieval, in-room dining, and program selection. Guests can also be provided with smart apps to keep them connected with family, friends, and business associates. Digital Displays featuring Pro:Centric technology provides a premium smart solution with UHD content delivery  

Increase Revenue

Digital signage can also be used to increase revenue opportunities throughout the property. In hotel gift shops, digital signs can highlight key items or special promotions that catch the attention of shoppers. They can also be used as menus in dining areas to increase sell-up and simplify the order process for greater efficiency. Hotels that offer live events will benefit from an attention-grabbing digital sign that can morph into a brilliant show marquee.  

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Make Wayfinding Easy

Guests will also appreciate how digital signs can display maps to make it easy for them to find their way around large properties. Interactive touchscreen digital kiosks located throughout the property are an excellent means of providing wayfinding in hotels and resorts. Best of all, they are easy to update in real-time.  

The Self-Serve Fitness Center

A survey conducted by American Hotel and Lodging Association found that the average number of hotels with free fitness facilities has risen to 85%.

Digital signage displaying interactive content, such as Fitness On Demand, can transform the typical hotel gym into an exciting, dynamic fitness center that can provide an immersive environment for individual or group workout sessions. Best of all, workout sessions can be made available 24 hours a day to accommodate early risers and night owls. Large Format Digital Signs can be synchronized or configured as individual fitness stations, allowing guests to program a “one-on-one” workout.   

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Guest Safety

Ensuring the safety of everyone on the property is a top priority. In the event of an emergency, a digital signage network can deliver critical information without delay and provide necessary directions to ensure the safety of everyone on the property in real-time.  

Deliver News and Weather Information

Local/national news and weather forecasts will also be appreciated by busy travelers and can be displayed in the lobby and on in-room TVs. The ability to quickly change content on digital displays makes it easy to update and edit information, ensuring that your content stays fresh and relevant for increased guest engagement. Large format displays in high-traffic areas deliver relevant news, announcements, and property events in real time, encouraging daily interaction.  


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Please note some of this content was originally published in LG Business solutions North American Hoteliers See Continued Growth Through 2019 10 Key areas that digital signage give guests a stay they’ll remember