GE PTAC Solutions for Lodging


MDM Healthcare provides commercial grade hospital TVs to hospitals across the U.S. Since 1990, we have grown to become one of the country’s largest suppliers of healthcare TV solutions, all of which are designed to withstand rigorous use while meeting the standards that healthcare environments demand.

Our healthcare and commercial grade TV product catalog includes these choices and more:

LG Electronics
LG 4 Pro:Centric® Smart Hospital TV - UT672M Series (55", 50", 43")

LG Pro:Centric® Hospital TV - LN572M Series (24", 28", 32")
LG UL-Listed Hospital TV - UN672M Series (43", 50", 55")
LG UL-Listed Hospital TV with Nano Cell Technology Hospital TV - UR762M Series (55", 65" 75")
LG UL-Listed Hospital TV with Advanced NanoCell Technology - UR772M Series (55", 65")
LG UL-Listed Pro:Centric Smart Hospital TV with WebOS, EZManager & USB Cloning - LT662M Series (32")
LG Pro:Centric Hospital TV - LT572M Series (24", 28", 32", 43")
LG IPS Full HD Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with Pro:Centric Direct Management - LS766 Series (15")

PDi medTAB® with GENiO™ Capability (16″ and 22″)

PDi medTV Arm-mounted Patient HDTV (16″)
PDi Modular TVs (24″, 32″, 43″, 55″, 65″)