Pair Your PTACs with Verdant Technology Solutions & Save on Your Heating & Cooling Costs

Verdant Technology Solutions to Pair with PTACsRising energy costs are a growing concern for just about any business. This is especially true for hotels where each room must be heated and cooled with its own ductless PTAC unit. Fortunately, Verdant Environmental Technologies, Inc., has come up with innovative technology solutions to help hotels save money on their heating and cooling costs by pairing their automated thermostats with PTACs.

How Exactly Do Verdant Technology Solutions Work When Paired with PTACs?

Verdant thermostats are equipped with built-in occupancy sensors, which allow them to continuously detect whether or not a guest is in the room. The thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature of the room when it is unoccupied in order to save energy. Then, when the guest returns to the room, the unit automatically restores the guests preferred temperature.

You may be wondering if this will compromise guests comfort level when they reenter their room. However, Verdant has developed a system that detects the optimum unoccupied temperature for maximum energy savings, while still being able to return to the desired temperature within minutes. The Verdant thermostat also has a unique night-occupancy feature. This ensures that the thermostat temperature will not change when a guest is asleep, even if no occupancy is detected within the room.

The secret is in the built-in wireless connectivity. This facilitates remote management so you can monitor temperature levels from just about anywhere using Verdant’s convenient mobile app. And, no need to worry about complex installation requirements, because all of that will be handled by your partners at MDM Lodging.

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