medTV19 19” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV (PDi-P19TV)


19” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV

Big, Bold and Beautiful

The large numeric keypad is easy for patients to see and touch to change channels and volume. This personal 19” display offers a wide viewing angle for maximum patient comfort, and delivers the experience of a 90” wall TV across the room. 19” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV

Delivers Patient Satisfaction

This widescreen, personal, securely mounted TV display reduces neck, back, and eye strain. Patients enjoy the front-facing speakers and headphone jack for clear-but-quiet audio. Pro:Idiom® makes it easy to keep every patient entertained with more HD channels.

Built for Healthcare Standards

medTV19 is designed for infection control. The glass front can withstand rigorous cleanings and the antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs. Compatible with PDi low-voltage power supplies and swing arm mounts or designed for rear mount to a standard 75×75 VESA pattern.

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