LAN150HYV2 LG Ultra Efficiency 15000 BTU Indoor Wall Unit


LG LAN150HYV2 Art Cool Premier Ultra Efficiency 15000 BTU Indoor Wall Unit – Heat and Cool

  • Heating Operating Range – Low ambient heating down to -13˚F and cooling down to 14˚F
  • Rated Capacity – 100% capacity at 5˚F
  • Filter – New 3M filter replaces plasma filter
  • Dehumidifying Mode: Indoor unit accurately senses room temperature and controls humidity by shutting down the compressor before a room is over-cooled
  • Chaos Swing: Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds create a more natural, random flow of air, reducing temperature stratification
  • Art-Cool Three-Way Cooling: Air flows out of the unit from three directions, creating more natural circulation
  • Jet Cool: Operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool a room down to 64F
  • Swirl Wind: Four-way controlled louvers and fan speeds create a stronger, wider air flow and reduce temperature stratification
  • Manual Power Switch: Easily accessed button allows for continued operation if the remote control is misplaced
  • Defrost Control: Shuts down the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the house. Removes frost from outdoor coil when the outdoor temperature is low
  • Temperature Display: Shows room temperature of interior unit
  • Auto Sleep Mode: Automatically increases the temperature setting 2 degrees F twice (after 1/2 hour and one hour). The interior unit shuts off when the timer setting is reached
  • Auto Restart: Automatically restarts a unit to programmed setting when the electricity comes on after a power failure
  • 24-Hour on/off timer
  • Energy saving
  • Optional Smart AC Module Plug (available separately) – Allows for Smart Phone Operation Application:
    • Temperature control
    • Air volume control
    • Air flow control
    • Filter change alert
    • Customized personal setting
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