The IR WLS DIM is a line voltage, Passive Infrared (PIR) wall switch occupancy sensor with 0-10 volt dimming capability intended to control lighting in commercial spaces. PIR is used where the sensor will have a clear view of the occupants in the desired coverage area. Control options via Smart Remote include photocell force OFF or hold OFF and partial ON or partial OFF capabilities. The convenient “Switch Link” feature enables up to four sensors to link together for peer to peer grouping achieving expanded detection zones and multi-way switching.

  • 0-10 volt dimming PIR (passive infrared) wall switch occupancy sensor
  • Line voltage lighting control (120/230/277 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • 180° coverage pattern
  • Manual ON or Automatic ON option
  • Partial ON can be adjusted from 10 – 70% (Factory Setting 50%)
  • Partial OFF can be adjusted from 10 – 50%
  • Hold OFF or Force OFF light level feature
  • Mounts to a single-gang NEMA-style, standard switch box & decorator-style wall plate by others
  • “Switch Link” communication allows for up to 4 sensors to be grouped together
  • IQ Mode dynamically adjusts the ‘ON’ time delay by learning individual room occupancy
  • Walk through mode option will switch the load OFF in 3 minutes if no additional detection occurs after the first 30 seconds
  • Visible alert feature provides a momentary OFF/ON blink, warning that the load will shut OFF in 10 seconds unless additional motion is detected
  • Service mode option deactivates the automated functions of the sensor and the load is only manually controlled using the ON/OFF, DIM UP and DIM down buttons
  • The Button Link feature allows the installer to enable or disable communication of the DIM UP, ON/OFF and DIM DOWN manual button on the Switch Link communication traveler.
  • Optional voltage barrier included to provide separation from class 1 and class 2 circuits
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