Buy 100 LG Pro:Centric TVs, Get A Free Pro:Centric Server and Interactive Electronic Program Guide

Buy 100 LG Pro: Centric TVs, Get A Free Pro: Centric Server and EPG

Act quickly on this Limited time offer and get a free Pro:Centric Server and EPG when you purchase 100 or more LG Pro:Centric hospitality/healthcare TVs.  The offer ends 6/30/23 • Provide your guests with a free TV channel guide showing individual program information for up to 3 days in advance. Contact us for a quote now!

Terms and Conditions*:

1.For an order to be eligible for this promotion, it must be purchased for a property. (Hotel, Hospital, LTC facility, Cruise ship). 2. Property qualifies for a free Pro:Centric Server PCS500Rwhen purchasing 100 or more qualifying TVs. 3.Valid for orders that are shipping by June 30th, 2023. 4. Customers cannot mix and match orders from multiple  properties or mix and match purchase orders for eligibility.5. This promotion may not be eligible with other special pricing promotions. 6. Different models can be combined to make the minimum unit purchase. 7. No price protection.8. Promotion subject to change without notice.9. Pro:Centric Server cannot ship directly to the property. It must be ordered by System Integrator partner along with associated Pro:Centric Direct or Pro:Centric Application.10. LGE’s Free EPG data service runs through the end of 2024 and is subject to renewal of content provider serviceagreement to continue no charge service.


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