Hotel Equipment & Accessories

Find The Hotel Ice Machine, Mini Fridge, & Microwave Products You Need With MDM Lodging

If you are looking for hotel mini fridge and hotel microwave products for your hospitality facility, look no further than MDM Lodging. We proudly offer a range of Danby® mini refrigerators and microwaves designed specifically to meet the needs of hotels and other types of lodging facilities. Danby hotel refrigerators provide your guests with the convenience of keeping drinks, snacks, leftovers, baby bottles, or medications cool during their stay at your facility, and its hotel microwave ovens provide the additional convenience of reheating their food in their rooms.

In addition to separate refrigerator and microwave units, MDM Lodging also offers Danby’s unique combination product, the MicroFridge®. This product offers a number of advantages for both your facility and your guests. The MicroFridge®:

  • Helps eliminate electrical problems that can result from the use of multiple in-room appliances
  • Utilizes a single plug for safer operation and reduced energy consumption
  • Frees up outlet space to power other in-room elements
  • Allows your guests to recharge personal electronic devices by plugging into the compact refrigerator’s dual-outlet charging station
  • Has reversible doors for ease of installation in right-side or left-side guest rooms
  • Is freestanding, so it fits well into the design and style of any guest room

Our complete line of hotel equipment and accessories options also include a selection of LG PuriCare hotel room air purifiers, hotel TV remote controls, lighting controls, Manitowoc hotel ice machines and dispensers, and Pro:Centric servers for hotels.

Whether you’re building a new hotel or motel, replacing a few units at your resort, or renovating your entire hotel with built-in compact refrigerators, MDM Lodging can provide you with the products that meet your needs for style, size, price, and efficiency. To learn more about the Danby MicroFridge®, Danby refrigerators and microwaves, or any of our hotel equipment and accessories, call us at 877-718-5925 to speak with an MDM Lodging professional.

Hotel Equipment & Accessories FAQs

What hotel refrigerator brand does MDM Lodging carry?

We are proud to offer the Danby® line of refrigerators to our clients. Danby is a leader in North America in providing compact refrigerator products and specialty appliances for a wide range of industries and applications, including hospitality facilities, medical facilities, colleges and universities, and many more.

From space-saving countertop models to super-efficient combination microwave/refrigerator products, these Danby hotel refrigerators are just some of the choices you have with MDM Lodging:

What are the benefits of combination appliances?

Hotel appliances that combine refrigerators and microwaves provide your guests with the ultimate in convenience while saving valuable space in your rooms. We carry the popular Danby® line of combination appliances, including the Danby MicroFridge® with Safe Plug™ technology, Danby MicroFridge® Snacmate, and models that include USB charging stations with ports for up to three personal devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

One-plug-to-the-wall combination appliances are more than convenient—they’re also energy-saving and safer. The Danby MicroFridge® helps prevent the overloading of circuits that can result when appliances such as coffee makers, hair dryers, and irons are in use.

Additional features of the popular Danby MicroFridge® products include:

  • Reversible doors for the most flexible installation options
  • Auto-defrost for simple maintenance
  • Guest-friendly and easy-to-operate microwave control panel
  • Space-saving footprints
  • Quiet performance
  • UL listed
What type of hotel microwave does MDM Lodging offer?

MDM Lodging offers a wide range of top-of-the-line Danby countertop microwave ovens as well as Danby MicroFridge® microwave/refrigerator combination appliances. These are just a few examples of the product selection you have for your hospitality facility:

  • The Danby Designer microwave has a generous 1.1 cubic feet of interior cooking space and 1,000 watts of power.
  • The Danby MicroFridge Microwave Oven SNACMATE is a combination appliance
  • The Danby MicroFridge® with Safe Plug model includes a two-door refrigerator/freezer combination, .7 cu. Ft., 700-watt microwave oven, and 4-amp USB charging station. It’s Energy Star-rated and includes a seven-year warranty for the microwave magnetron.
Does MDM Lodging sell hotel ice machines and dispensers?

MDM Lodging offers all types of ice machines, from heavy-duty restaurant-quality machines for use in your bar or restaurant, to durable machines for the floors of your hotel. We partner with Manitowoc, a leading supplier of cutting-edge ice-making technology and water-saving conservation. We carry a wide range of Manitowoc high-volume commercial ice dispensers, which are specifically designed for standard ice buckets. Manitowoc hotel ice machines operate at reduced noise levels, making it a good choice for your hotel, motel or resort.

Contact MDM Lodging to learn more about these and other Manitowoc products:

What other hotel equipment and accessories can I buy from MDM Lodging?

In addition to hotel microwaves and refrigerators, our selection of hotel equipment and accessories includes:

  • Hotel room air purifiers from the LG PuriCare line
  • Hotel remote controls that work with more than 250 brands of commercial and retail TVs
  • Lighting controls with features such as occupancy sensors

MDM Lodging can also meet your facility’s needs for hotel-grade TV systems, digital signage, air conditioning units, and much more.

Why should I choose MDM Lodging to supply my hotel microwaves and microfridges?

MDM Lodging is the all-in-one solutions provider for the hospitality industry. Each of the products we carry and the services we offer help you provide an exceptional experience for your guests. Working with and ordering from us is always easy, and we provide end-to-end setup and installation services as well to make sure your equipment gets quickly put into service.

We offer competitive prices, plus personal, expert assistance from our dedicated account managers in planning, implementing, and managing the hospitality equipment you purchase from us. Contact our experienced team for custom solutions that fit your hospitality facility’s exact needs.