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Find the Hotel Mini Bar Fridge and Microwave Products You Need with MDM Lodging

If you are looking for hotel mini bar fridge and microwave products for your hospitality facility, look no further than MDM Lodging. We proudly offer a range of mini refrigerators and microwaves suitable for hotels and other lodging facilities from Danby®, a leading supplier of compact refrigerators for resort lodging, hotels, and motels. Danby refrigerators allow your guests or residents to keep drinks, snacks, leftovers, baby bottles or their medications cool during their stay at your facility, and their microwaves provide the additional convenience of enabling guests to reheat food.

In addition to separate units, MDM Lodging also offers Danby’s combination product: the MicroFridge®. This product offers additional benefits for both your facility and your guests. The MicroFridge:

  • Helps eliminate electrical problems produced by the use of multiple in-room appliances
  • Utilizes a single plug for safer operations and reduced energy consumption
  • Frees up outlet space to power other in-room elements
  • Allows guests to recharge personal electronic devices by plugging into the compact refrigerator’s dual-outlet charging station
  • Has reversible doors for ease of installation in right-side or left-side guest rooms
  • Is a freestanding unit that fits into the design and style of any room

Whether you’re building a new motel, replacing a few units at your resort, or renovating your entire hotel with built-in compact refrigerators, MDM Lodging can provide you with the products that meet your needs for style, size, and price. To learn more about the MicroFridge®, or any of the other refrigerator and microwave products we offer, call 800-359-6741 to speak with an MDM Lodging professional.