Patient Experience Strategy

Patient Experience Strategy

What’s your “patient experience strategy”? You know, what steps are you taking to improve your patient’s overall experience? If you’re shrugging your shoulders, then, chances are, you probably haven’t given it much thought. And if this is your situation, then you need to act fast. It used to be that patients were loyal to their care providers based on years known or quality of service. While these may still factor in to a patient’s decision, there’s much more to it than that. Today’s patients are looking for the complete package – the total patient experience.

This change in your patients’ mentality didn’t happen overnight. For the most part, it’s a result of changing insurance standards. Nowadays, more and more patients belong to insurance plans with more restricted networks and higher deductibles, which means more money coming out of pockets. Now that patients are becoming more involved in their healthcare costs, they’re “shopping around” for the best deal. So, you’ve got to stand out from the rest.

While no patient experience strategy is 100% proven to work for every medical facility out there, there are a few suggestions that almost everyone can agree on. For starters, a patient experience strategy should always be patient-centric. Put yourself in your patients’ shoes and consider what it is you want to see. Think of the questions your patients ask you every day, or the concerns they’ve presented to you in the past. You may discover some simple solutions you can begin implementing right away!

One thing is true of every patient; they want to feel in control of their own health. Unfortunately, many patients struggle with understanding what their care providers explain to them, or they just lack the education about their own conditions. This is where patient experience solutions, like MDM’s “Journey,” are so beneficial. Journey can be used to help care providers understand a patient’s comprehension and provide educational material, through a variety of digital platforms, to make them feel more confident about their healthcare decisions. Journey and other patient experience solutions are currently being used in major hospitals worldwide as part of a patient experience strategy.

Journey can be used for more than educating patients. It’s a solution that really engages patients in a multitude of ways. It can be used for two-way communication between the patient and staff in a hospital room, provide soothing relaxation content for helping patients with pain management or noise concerns, and even provide family members with specific patient information. And if you’d like to see whether your patient experience strategy is working, Journey can deliver patient satisfaction surveys, too.

If you’re considering a patient experience solution and would like to learn more about Journey, or would like to discuss what other solutions we have available to help with your patient experience strategy, please give us a call today.

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