Navigating the Path of Cancer Care with Dr. Abdul Rahman Jazieh

navigating the path of cancer

A Global Leader in Evidence-Based Oncology Dr. Abdul Rahman Jazieh, a renowned oncologist, is deeply committed to enhancing the health and well-being of cancer patients. In his capacity as a senior oncology consultant, Director of Innovation and Research, and Director of International Programs at Cincinnati Cancer Advisors, he leads with a strong focus on evidence-based oncology.…

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Exploring Physical Therapy Solutions: Expert Insights

physical therapy patient education

Exploring Physical Therapy Solutions: Expert Insights Written with the help of contributing authors Grace Schore and Linda Robinson, MSN, RN, CPXP October marks National Physical Therapy Month, a dedicated time to recognize the pivotal role of physical therapy in patient care. With their expertise in strength training, core exercises, and a range of therapeutic techniques,…

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