The Right Patient Education Solution to Improve Engagement & Enhance the Patient Experience

Patient education is important for any healthcare provider seeking to improve engagement and provide complete patient care. As patients become more selective about where to go for care, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly looking for better ways to enhance the patient experience and create patient loyalty. MDM Healthcare is proud to offer its Journey Patient Experience Solution for providers in need of an efficient and user-friendly patient education product.  Our Journey solution is distributed via in-room television, personal email, and/or text – and can be viewed in the hospital, at a clinic, or at home.

MDM Healthcare’s Journey solution will take your hospital’s television system to a new level by delivering the right education at the right time to improve engagement for each patient in your care. Providers prefer our patient education solutions for their hospitals and other healthcare facilities because our Journey products:

  • Provide care teams with the ability to educate patients in a consistent and effective manner
  • Allow hospital staff to search the patient education library and view content prior to prescribing treatment
  • Can create documentation that can be inserted into the patient’s health record
  • Are easy to use for the care team as well as the patient
  • Provide pre- and post-operative education as well as disease, wellness, and safety education modules
  • Extend the patient education provided beyond the hospital stay by sending relevant content via email or text message to the patient at home
  • Interface with your existing clinical systems, such as your ADT and EHR, so that the solution can follow the patient as they are transferred within the facility
  • Can provide soothing relaxation content for aiding in pain management and addressing noise concerns
  • Deliver patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys so you can assess overall patient engagement
  • Have the ability to market, inform, and enlighten all guests of the healthcare facility about other events and offerings above and beyond patient education

Our Journey patient education products offer scalable and affordable interactive solutions that provide the ultimate patient experience. Let the professionals at MDM Healthcare help you decide which solution will best enhance patient engagement and work with your budget. Call us at 1-800-359-6741 for a prompt response to your questions.