Long Term Care Technology Trends

Are you following long-term care technology trends?

It may seem like long-term care and technology trends wouldn’t go together, but increasingly there is overlap between the two. High tech devices are everywhere, and people expect to continue using those devices when they head into long-term care.
Patients have to come to expect modernized facilities for their long-term care needs. By embracing tech trends, facilities can help better care for their patients by allowing them to remain independent while still maintaining instantaneous contact with loved ones and care providers.

Virtualizing Systems Cuts Down on Costs

There are many benefits associated with adding increased digital capabilities to your systems. Obviously, virtualization means that you will cut down on paper use and waste. Additionally, by utilizing the remote nature of digital systems, healthcare professionals, managers, and administrators can access patient information, deliver vital info to patients, and train staff more efficiently. Cloud-based software and storage have the added benefit of taking up less physical space at your facilities.

TVs Can Be More Than Just Entertainment

MDM Healthcare’s modern, high-def TVs are designed to be a patient’s direct link to the outside world. Not only can you control the programming on them, but with specialized software – like Independa’s Angela – everything from medication reminders to social media to video calling are presented in an overlay on top of traditional TV programming. Tailored to the needs of those in long-term care, technology trends like these enable patients to retain their own independence while giving caregivers more confidence that important things like medication schedules and meal times will be remembered and followed.

Service Plans for the Future

No matter which direction long-term care technology trends go, with MDM Healthcare’s upgrade and service plans, you can always stay on the cutting edge. These plans make upgrading and troubleshooting a breeze and ensure that you and your patients are always satisfied with your equipment.

Staying Trendy Is Easy

MDM Healthcare has everything you need to implement the latest tech in your long-term care facility. Contact us today to see how we can help you stay on top of the latest trends.

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