Improving Patient Experience

Improving Patient Experience Is About More Than Just Medical Care

For hospital staff, improving patient experience can be difficult. It’s easy to forget as a healthcare professional just what your patients are going through while you’re treating them. For a patient, the entire experience might be confusing or frightening. Many patients have difficulties with not being able to understand high-level medical words and concepts or they may not be fluent in the language used by your staff.

Going Digital Helps Everyone

Upgrading the electronics in your facilities can be beneficial to both patients and staff. When everything in your facility is digital, facility managers, nurses, and doctors can all access relevant information and interact with patients more efficiently and quickly.

Digital Signage Paves the Way

By upgrading your existing signage to digital signage, a new world of possibilities opens up for you and your patients. Important information and bulletins can be posted immediately, digital wayfinding can help patients find their way in simple, understandable terms, and interactive displays can provide new ways to engage patients.

Comfortable Rooms Provide Peace of Mind

Patients spend the majority of their time in their rooms. Providing modern amenities within them can go a long way toward improving patient experience. Wall-mounted, high-def TVs, DVD players, in-room or pillow speakers, and customized digital entertainment can all help contribute to high patient satisfaction.

Journey PX Modernizes Your Presentation

Journey PX is MDM Healthcare’s proprietary software that allows for in-room patient education, interaction, and entertainment. With it, you can pass along vital information to patients, in easy-to-understand formats and multiple possible languages, at the push of a button. Journey PX includes customizable surveys to accurately measure the ways you’re improving the patient experience.

MDM Healthcare Is Here to Help You Along the Way

Though it may seem daunting at first, MDM Healthcare has decades of experience to aid you on any step of your digital transition. From hassle-free installation to ongoing technical support, MDM has everything you need to upgrade your facility. Contact us for a quote today.

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