PDi TV Equipment, Installation Services, and Dedicated Support from MDM Healthcare

PDi TVMDM Healthcare is a full-service supplier of PDi TV screens, bedside swing-arm mounts brackets, and related equipment to furnish the patient rooms at your hospital or other healthcare facilities. The PDi televisions we offer and install are all UL-listed healthcare-grade equipment that can increase the satisfaction of your patients by delivering both entertainment and educational materials during each patient’s stay. By keeping your patients comfortable and engaged, the right equipment will help your hospital establish a trusted reputation and make individuals more likely to choose your facility in the future.

At MDM Healthcare, we understand that the right equipment needs to be supported with the right service. That’s why we do more than simply deliver top-of-the-line PDi TV systems and other healthcare-grade equipment – we also offer the professional services your healthcare facility requires to:

  • Help you identify the equipment that best suits the unique needs of your hospital or healthcare facility
  • Ensure your new equipment is set up correctly and integrated with your facility’s infrastructure for a seamless transition to your upgraded system
  • Provide you with a fully compatible system for any other equipment you need, such as a video distribution system or patient education platform
  • Offer prompt and effective technical support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise down the line

For assistance selecting the right PDi TV equipment for your healthcare facility or to place an order now, call MDM Healthcare at 800-359-6741 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.