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A Ductless Air Conditioner Is Ideal for Any Room in Your Lodging Facility

Ductless Air ConditionerWhen it comes to the temperature in the rooms of your hotel, every guest has a different preference. Some like it ice cold to make sure they don’t get hot at night while others like it to be little more warm and cozy. Since no two guests are exactly alike in their temperature preference, central AC that regulates all the units together simply doesn’t make sense. Instead, you should opt for installing a ductless air conditioner in each room. This allows every guest to set their own desired temperature for their room without affecting the comfort level of other guests.

What Is Special About Our Ductless Air Conditioner Units?

We know how important energy conservation is, which is why many of our ductless air conditioners come with an intuitive motion-sensing feature which helps to regulate energy consumption. For example, when guests leave the room, the unit will shift to a high-efficiency mode while still keeping the room within a specified temperature range. Then, when the guests return, it will return to normal operation. It even knows when guests are sleeping, so as not to shut off during the night.

Why Buy from MDM Lodging?

The answer is simple. Our level of customer service is unmatched within the industry. Most hotel supply companies simply deliver their products and end the transaction there. Instead, we provide installation services that ensure the optimal placement and efficient operation of our products. We also offer help desk support after installation, if necessary.

To learn more about having ductless air conditioner units installed at your lodging facility, contact MDM Lodging today and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable product specialists.

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