Cash In on Three Hotel Restaurant Trends – MDM Lodging Has the Story

Hotel restaurant burgers and other traditional fare get a gourmet boost in 2013. Make sure your guests’ dining experience is up to par.

Baum + Whiteman, a major force in the food world since 1970, is known for creating two of the world’s largest grossing restaurants, more 3-star restaurants than anyone in the United States, and numerous international food, hotel and related concepts. So, when they dole out advice, restaurateurs and hoteliers listen.

The Brooklyn-based company recently released a report detailing what they see as the 17 hottest food and dining trends for restaurants and hotels in 2013. MDM Lodging shares three of our favorites:

  • Flavor-fused libations: Ambitious bartenders increasingly are becoming full-on mixologists. It’s a skill that will be particularly valuable this year, as bars strive to create lines of new signature drinks. Vodka, gin and rum are being mixed with mango, kiwi, grenadine (a syrup made from pomegranate juice), even dried fruit, vegetables and herbs in a creative effort to stretch the notion of hand-crafted cocktails. But it’s not just alcoholic beverages undergoing a fancying-up. Consider offering artisan sodas and smoothies made with fresh and local fruits, berries and herbs. Favorite flavorings include hibiscus, pomegranate, lemongrass and basil.
  • Boosted burgers: The plain ol’ bacon cheeseburger is out. Today’s burger connoisseurs demand saucy upgrades and better buns. Consider having your hotel restaurant and café chefs whip up signature sauces made with guacamole, pineapple, mushrooms, crispy onions and the like. And homemade buns can get a gourmet boost with surprising ingredients like sage, parsley, even orange juice.
  • Souped-up Snacks: Simple snacks are so 2012. Even the word is getting an upgrade. Yesterday’s midnight or midday snack is today’s “fourth meal.” And traditional snack fare just won’t get it any more. Rolled sandwiches with gourmet sauces; gourmet French fries made with sweet potatoes or coupled with savory dipping sauces made with ingredients like lemon zest and chopped parsley, crushed red pepper and basil, or warmed white truffle oil and Parmesan cheese.

While upgrading your menu, why not upgrade your look, too? MDM Lodging’s specialists can help you seek out and select hotel televisions, digital signage systems, air conditioners etc. to create a space that’s as visually appealing as your new menu is delicious. Call 1-877-958-8535 for more information today.

MDM Lodging Shares Top Oh Dear! Cabinet Must-Haves from A to Z

Travelers can be a harried and forgetful bunch. So, the best hotel concierges keep a fully stocked Oh, Dear! cabinet filled with guests’ most missed items. That way, when your desk clerks get the inevitable call crying, “Oh, dear! I forgot my (fill in the blank), they’re ready to help.

MDM Lodging compiled a list of the top most requested items from A to Z:

A – Alcohol pads, adapters for electrical items for travelers from foreign countries
B – Band aids, bowties, bottle openers, batteries
C – Cell phone chargers, contact lens cases and solution, cufflinks
D – Dental floss, dress socks, deodorant
E – Eyeglass repair kits, emery boards, ear plugs, Ethernet cables
F – Feminine hygiene items, first aid kits
G – Gift boxes and bags
H – Hair pins, hair dryers
I – Insect spray
J – Jewelry bags or boxes
K – Kleenex packs, Kindle chargers
L – Language dictionary
M – Magnifying glass
N – Needle and thread, notebooks
O – Office supplies, oil blotting papers
P – Plastic rain ponchos, plastic bags for wet clothes
Q – Q-tips
R – Razor blades, rain hats, rubber bands
S – Screw drivers, sewing kits, staplers, sunscreen, socks
T – Tacks, tape, tool kits, ties, tweezers, toothbrushes, toothpaste
U – Umbrellas, USB flash drives
V – Vaseline
W – Wine keys, wrapping paper, winter coats
X – Xbox and other game controllers
Y – Yarmulkes
Z – Zip lock bags for loose or wet items, zip ties

What do you keep in your Oh, Dear! cabinet? Any odd requests from forgetful guests? Post your thoughts on the MDM Lodging Facebook Fan Page.