MDM Healthcare Launches Journey Patient Experience Solution

Journey - Patient Education & Engagement Solution

Interactive Patient Experience Solution Features Two Different Delivery Options

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – (September 29, 2014) – MDM Healthcare is very excited to introduce “Journey”, patient engagement solution! The Journey solution allows all eligible providers and hospitals to send the right patient education content to patients and families directly to their smart phones, tablets or to their email in real time! What is available to patients while in the hospital and clinic, is also available at home. MDM’s Journey Solution’s ease of installation, stability and very low cost makes it the best option for true patient education and engagement!
The on-demand solution is channel based solution that can be navigated through two ways; the telephone system or through the pillow speaker. Both can be done from the patient’s bedside. The channel based option leverages the hospital’s existing cable infrastructure, which allows for easy setup and integration. The system also offers one or more scheduled play channels that focus on relaxation, general health, nutrition, or wellness content provided by the hospital.

The enhanced network based solution is navigated through the pillow speaker. This system allows for two-way communication between the patient and staff. There are no usage limitations and the solution is 100% scalable. The content can be delivered via RF over coax or network cabling utilizing Z-Band technology. Also, Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is available with this Journey option.

Both solutions allow for staff to assign videos to a patient’s room and monitor usage at the patient level. The content is accessible in the hospitals, clinics or even in their homes. The solution provides hospitals with a means of delivering education, relaxation content and even entertainment options to the patient. Contact Heather Townsend, Vice-President of Patient Engagement at or at (904) 716-6808 to learn more about Journey patient education and engagement solution by MDM Commercial.


Are Your Hotel Air Conditioners Up to Par?

The right hotel air conditioning system can keep your guests comfortable and your costs low.

Some are calling the year of the “rage against the rodent.” On Groundhog Day, Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, thus convincing Americans that warmer weather was just six weeks away. But two months later, much of the northern half of the nation is still digging itself out of the snow. Even in the South, unseasonably cold weather is wracking nerves.

All this weather talk has hoteliers everywhere checking to make sure their air conditioning and heating systems are working – and working efficiently. This is particularly true for hotels and inns in Southern locales, filled with guests who had expected to don swimsuits rather than sweaters while traveling.

If it’s time to upgrade your hotel air conditioning system, MDM Lodging can help. We offer top-line AC and heating systems designed to deliver ultimate comfort for your guests while saving your business money. The GE 4100 Series PTAC is touted as the most energy-efficient in the industry. Digital controls, dual fan motors and electronic temperature limiting help keep costs low, while Heat and Freeze Sentinel technology protects unoccupied rooms from excessive heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Keep your guests comfortable and your climate control costs minimal by contacting MDM Lodging at 800-673-0929.

Is Your Hotel Spring Break- Ready? MDM Lodging Shares Ideas

The spring break season has begun. How is your hotel cashing in?

March means the start of the spring break season – one of the busiest for hotels nationwide, but particularly those in sunny, beachside locales. Are you ready for the onslaught of college students ready to have a great time and spend money in your hotel and local shops? MDM Lodging offers a few ideas for cashing in on this classic American tradition.

  • Take your message “where the boys (and girls) are”: The 1960 film, Where the Boys Are, is credited with making spring break a nationwide collegiate tradition. Four female friends drive to Fort Lauderdale in hopes of having some fun in the sun and perhaps enjoying a week-long fling with a cute boy. Take a cue and take your message where virtually every college age individual is hanging out these days – on social media sites. Post your spring break promotions and specials, along with some convincing reasons for spending the annual holiday at your hotel.
  • Look outside your front door: Connect with local restaurants, bars, night clubs and attractions that appeal to spring breakers and create co-promotions that benefit you both. Such guest perks might include discounts, free drinks or gift cards for your guests to enjoy.
  • Take advantage of your captive audience: Use your hotel guestroom TVs and digital signage to let guests know about specials at your on-site restaurants, local events, area attractions, etc. It’ll add to your guests’ spring break experience and help take some of the burden off your already busy hotel staff.
  • Play it safe: It’s an unfortunate fact that partying spring breakers can get out of hand. Make sure they and your other guests are safe by beefing up security. Post expectations of spring breakers to keep noise and late night shenanigans to a minimum and hire extra security for the March-April spring break season. You may even want to consider dedicating a particular floor or area for spring breakers. This will help minimize disturbances to other guests.
  • Don’t forget your littlest guests: Remember that not all spring breakers are college students. Many families with school-age children take advantage of the spring break holiday, too. Help them enjoy their stay by offering family-friendly parties or events onsite, specials at your hotel restaurants and cafes, or discount deals to local kid-friendly attractions.

From all of us here at MDM Lodging, have a safe, fun and profitable spring break season!

Cash In on Three Hotel Restaurant Trends – MDM Lodging Has the Story

Hotel restaurant burgers and other traditional fare get a gourmet boost in 2013. Make sure your guests’ dining experience is up to par.

Baum + Whiteman, a major force in the food world since 1970, is known for creating two of the world’s largest grossing restaurants, more 3-star restaurants than anyone in the United States, and numerous international food, hotel and related concepts. So, when they dole out advice, restaurateurs and hoteliers listen.

The Brooklyn-based company recently released a report detailing what they see as the 17 hottest food and dining trends for restaurants and hotels in 2013. MDM Lodging shares three of our favorites:

  • Flavor-fused libations: Ambitious bartenders increasingly are becoming full-on mixologists. It’s a skill that will be particularly valuable this year, as bars strive to create lines of new signature drinks. Vodka, gin and rum are being mixed with mango, kiwi, grenadine (a syrup made from pomegranate juice), even dried fruit, vegetables and herbs in a creative effort to stretch the notion of hand-crafted cocktails. But it’s not just alcoholic beverages undergoing a fancying-up. Consider offering artisan sodas and smoothies made with fresh and local fruits, berries and herbs. Favorite flavorings include hibiscus, pomegranate, lemongrass and basil.
  • Boosted burgers: The plain ol’ bacon cheeseburger is out. Today’s burger connoisseurs demand saucy upgrades and better buns. Consider having your hotel restaurant and café chefs whip up signature sauces made with guacamole, pineapple, mushrooms, crispy onions and the like. And homemade buns can get a gourmet boost with surprising ingredients like sage, parsley, even orange juice.
  • Souped-up Snacks: Simple snacks are so 2012. Even the word is getting an upgrade. Yesterday’s midnight or midday snack is today’s “fourth meal.” And traditional snack fare just won’t get it any more. Rolled sandwiches with gourmet sauces; gourmet French fries made with sweet potatoes or coupled with savory dipping sauces made with ingredients like lemon zest and chopped parsley, crushed red pepper and basil, or warmed white truffle oil and Parmesan cheese.

While upgrading your menu, why not upgrade your look, too? MDM Lodging’s specialists can help you seek out and select hotel televisions, digital signage systems, air conditioners etc. to create a space that’s as visually appealing as your new menu is delicious. Call 1-877-958-8535 for more information today.

MDM Lodging Shares Top Oh Dear! Cabinet Must-Haves from A to Z

Travelers can be a harried and forgetful bunch. So, the best hotel concierges keep a fully stocked Oh, Dear! cabinet filled with guests’ most missed items. That way, when your desk clerks get the inevitable call crying, “Oh, dear! I forgot my (fill in the blank), they’re ready to help.

MDM Lodging compiled a list of the top most requested items from A to Z:

A – Alcohol pads, adapters for electrical items for travelers from foreign countries
B – Band aids, bowties, bottle openers, batteries
C – Cell phone chargers, contact lens cases and solution, cufflinks
D – Dental floss, dress socks, deodorant
E – Eyeglass repair kits, emery boards, ear plugs, Ethernet cables
F – Feminine hygiene items, first aid kits
G – Gift boxes and bags
H – Hair pins, hair dryers
I – Insect spray
J – Jewelry bags or boxes
K – Kleenex packs, Kindle chargers
L – Language dictionary
M – Magnifying glass
N – Needle and thread, notebooks
O – Office supplies, oil blotting papers
P – Plastic rain ponchos, plastic bags for wet clothes
Q – Q-tips
R – Razor blades, rain hats, rubber bands
S – Screw drivers, sewing kits, staplers, sunscreen, socks
T – Tacks, tape, tool kits, ties, tweezers, toothbrushes, toothpaste
U – Umbrellas, USB flash drives
V – Vaseline
W – Wine keys, wrapping paper, winter coats
X – Xbox and other game controllers
Y – Yarmulkes
Z – Zip lock bags for loose or wet items, zip ties

What do you keep in your Oh, Dear! cabinet? Any odd requests from forgetful guests? Post your thoughts on the MDM Lodging Facebook Fan Page.

What Slow Economy? Why Now is a Great Time to Renovate, MDM Lodging Says

A down economy is a great time to upgrade your hotel or inn’s furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Among the biggest mistakes a hotelier can make in slow economy is to act like he’s in a slow economy. While competitors are pulling back, your best bet is to pull out all the stops when it comes to packaging and promotion. And that means renovating.

When times are tough, travelers are looking for the best value they can get. Think “under-promise, over-deliver.” Give them a look and feel that’s a notch higher than what they’re expecting and you can bet they’ll return and tell their friends.

So why is a down economy a great time for an upgrade?

  • Less loss of revenue: Upgrading or renovating during slow times when many rooms are empty already means you won’t be turning away business.
  • Negotiating power: During economic slowdowns, franchises and vendors likely are feeling the money squeeze, too. So, they’re more likely to negotiate the scope and costs of renovations and upgrades.
  • Maximizing your property’s value: Upgrading or renovating during an economic downturn will not just protect, but help maximize your property value. When the market rebounds (and it will) you’ll be set for a greater return on your investment.

Now, how should you invest? If it’s been a while since your last redecorating, new furniture and fixtures is a surefire way to immediately boost your property’s ambiance. Microwaves and refrigerators increasingly are in demand for not just higher-dollar suites, but lower-cost guest rooms as well. A major complaint of guests in rooms near ice machines is the constant humming and rumbling sound. Invest in a quieter, more customer-friendly model. And hotel-grade flat-screen TVs equipped with programming and gaming options add a sleek, modern feel.

Don’t wait for an economic rebound. Get ahead of the game now by calling MDM Lodging at 800-673-0929.

Happy Employees Mean Happy Hotel Guests, Happier Hoteliers

Hotel workers experience high levels of stress. MDM Lodging offers tips.

Search all you want and you’ll never find a job that doesn’t come with some degree of stress. As rewarding as it is, the hotel and hospitality business is no different.

Hotel workers daily deal with wearied parents, cranky kids and on-edge business travelers – all of whom can make for some very demanding clients. Across the board, American employees miss upwards of 100 million workdays due to stress. Plus, up to 75 percent of disease can be attributed to stress. Insomnia, ulcers and depression all can be caused by workplace stress. And, according to a recent survey, hotel and restaurant workers experience employee burnout at a rate of one in seven. All those days off work, and employee turnover due to burnout, can place even more stress on co-workers and put a dent in your healthcare facility’s profitability.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to help your employees better manage workplace stress:

  1. Make sure that managers are well trained in matters of employee distress and approachable;
  2. Provide adequate staffing and training;
  3. Encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits including exercise, good nutrition and plenty of sleep and breaks;
  4. Give employees recognition and rewards for their accomplishments and contributions;
  5. Take as much burden off employees as possible. One great way is to install digital signage with content that answers guests’ most commonly asked questions.

Got more great stress-reducing ideas to share? Post them on MDM Lodging’s Facebook fan page. And if you’d like to install digital signage in your hotel or inn, call 800-359-6741.

New Year’s Resolutions for Hoteliers

Hoteliers are looking forward to a prosperous 2013. MDM Lodging offers tips.

The New Year is fast upon us, and many hoteliers are looking forward to a successful 2013. MDM Lodging offers a few New Year’s resolution suggestions to help ensure a prosperous coming year.

  1. Resolve to upgrade. MDM Lodging’s high-definition, flat-screen television sets are a huge step up in quality over older, boxier sets. They lend an upscale feel and offer many more programming and viewing options.
  2. Resolve to comfort. New hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment can turn your inn into a true home away from home for wearied guests.
  3. Resolve to inspire. Digital signage placed in hotel lobbies, hallways, guestrooms, and common areas like pools and onsite restaurants, spas and gift shops can help disseminate information and answer guests’ most commonly asked questions, and to suggest great ideas to help travelers better enjoy their stays. Use digital signs to let guests know about restaurant menu items and specials; swimming pool, spa and gift shop hours; and local tourist attractions and happenings.
  4. Resolve to ease. MDM Lodging’s Digital signage doesn’t benefit your guests only. It also takes a huge burden off your employees, who would otherwise spend far too much time answering common guest questions. And as every entrepreneur knows, happy employees make for happier clients.

Today’s travelers are becoming increasingly savvy. They’re demanding higher quality and more comfortable stays. MDM Lodging can help you deliver what guests expect, boosting your competitiveness and your bottom line. Contact us today at 800-673-0929 or via our online email form.

From all of us here at MDM Lodging, have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Ronald McDonald House Receives LG Televisions from MDM Lodging

One of the nation’s largest dealers of hotel-grade televisions, Jacksonville-based MDM Lodging, has donated 30 guest-room television sets to Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Jacksonville. The local non-profit organization, working through Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Room® programs, has provided compassionate support for families of critically ill, chronically ill and seriously injured children for decades.

“When I founded MDM in 1990, Ronald McDonald house Charities of Jacksonville was the first charitable organization that received our support,” said MDM’s CEO Steve Austin. “Ronald McDonald House plays an important role in our community and has been a part of our family’s life since the late 1980s when my mother, Patricia, formed the charity’s advisory board.” Austin made the donation in memory of his parents Ed and Patricia Austin.

MDM Lodging’s donation of 30 LG Pro:Centric model televisions will be used in Ronald McDonald House guest rooms that are provided to the families of children receiving medical treatments at Jacksonville hospitals and pediatric medical facilities. As a leader in the hospitality industry, LG Electronics also donated a Pro:Centric server that will allow for remote management of TV settings along with onsite programming for facility channels such as hospital branding, healthcare information, local weather and advertising.

Austin added, “The people at the Jacksonville Ronald McDonald House fill a vital role by providing warm and loving hearts to families in need. We initially began preparing meals for guests at the Ronald McDonald House on Children’s Way and now take great pride in helping the organization upgrade their lodging television systems.”

According to the chief executive officer, MDM will continue to provide dinners at the new facility located adjacent to the Nemours Children’s Hospital, and MDM’s associates will continue to donate money to buy gift cards for the families at Christmas. To become a Facebook Fan or to learn more about Ronald McDonald House® and Ronald McDonald Family Room® programs, visit

Use Digital Signage to Improve Guest Experience – Top 10 Content Tips

Digital signage in your hotel lobby, pool area and on-site restaurants and bars can boost your guests’ experience and take some burden off your employees.

Digital signage by MDM Lodging is affordable, easy to operate and can improve your guests’ experience while taking a load off your employees. By posting carefully selected, helpful content, you can inform your hotel guests of all sorts of information that they’d otherwise have to request of your front desk clerks and concierge staff. Ten top recommendations for digital signage content displayed in public areas including your lobby, pool area and on-site restaurants and bars are:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Swimming pool, spa and restaurant hours
  3. Room service offerings
  4. Restaurant and gift shop specials
  5. Local happenings
  6. Local places of interest
  7. Check-out time reminders
  8. Interesting local history facts
  9. Lifestyle & health tips
  10. Local show times

MDM Lodging’s digital signage software and HDTVs are surprisingly easy to install and use. Top quality high definition televisions come in 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch models. Accompanying EZ Sign digital signage software allows you and your staff to edit content by selecting a pre-installed content template, uploading an image, editing text and exporting content. Simply download your work to a flash drive and plug it into the TV.

To get your digital signage system, contact MDM Lodging at 800-359-6741.