Are your Hospital Air Conditioners Up to Par?

Your patients’ comfort doesn’t have to cost you exorbitantly. MDM Healthcare offers hospital air conditioners designed for both comfort and savings.

What has the world come to when Punxatawney Phil gets indicted for fraud? The unseasonably frigid weather in many parts of the country has people everywhere railing against the rodent who traditionally predicts the onset of spring by whether he sees his shadow on February 2. The Groundhog Day prediction was that springtime weather would come early this year, but wintry conditions continue nearly two months later.

All the weather talk has many considering whether their air conditioning and heating systems are up to par. If it’s time your hospital or healthcare facility upgraded, take a look at MDM Healthcare. We offer top-of-the-line hospital air conditioning systems designed for ultimate comfort for your patients and employees, and savings for your business.

Our top seller is the GE 4100 Series PTAC, considered the most energy-efficient PTAC in the industry. Digital controls, two fan motors and electronic temperature limiting all help deliver a comfortable climate while saving you money. Plus, Heat and Freeze Sentinel technology protects unoccupied rooms from excessive heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

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Flu Season Continues – Here’s How to Protect Your Employees

Seal Shield antimicrobial and fungistatic products by MDM Healthcare can help keep your employees healthy all year.

The 2013 flu season has been particularly harsh. And according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans have another month to go before it’s over. The news poses a potential problem for business owners, considering that influenza is to blame for upwards of 70 million missed workdays and $10 billion in lost wages.

So how do you keep your employees – and your hospital or healthcare company’s bottom line – healthy? MDM Healthcare offers a few tips.

  • Arrange for your employees to get free or reduced-cost flu shots annually before flu season begins.
  • Encourage employees to wash their hands frequently, particularly after engaging with patients and guests who may have or have been exposed to the flu.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for employees unable to leave their desks or workstations often.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu.
  • Invest in Seal Shield antimicrobial products including computer keyboards, mice and remote controls.  Seal Shield products can be washed or put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Plus, most products in the line are protected with Silver Seal, an antimicrobial, fungistatic agent that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, microbes and odor-causing bacteria on work surfaces.

You work in healthcare already. Practice what you preach and keep your employees and guests healthy. Contact MDM Healthcare at 800-673-0929.

Hospital TV Systems Help Reduce Stress, Boost Efficiency

Happy employees make for a better, more efficient and profitable workplace.

Virtually any job has some amount of stress. But hospital workers are at a particularly high risk for job-related stress and tension simply because of their environment. Luckily, there are ways to help healthcare employees manage.

Many hospital workers must face patients battling life-threatening injuries and illnesses every day. That alone can wear on anyone. Add tight schedules, understaffing, paperwork, intricate or malfunctioning equipment, staff politics, demanding patients, and patient deaths – all part of the daily hospital experience – and you’ve got a very high-stress situation. Across the board, American employees miss upwards of 100 million workdays due to stress, and up to 75 percent of disease can be attributed to stress. These statistics can be higher among hospital workers than others. And all those missed days can put a dent in your healthcare facility’s profitability.

MDM Healthcare offers several products and systems designed to help alleviate much of the stress hospital employees including physicians, nurses, orderlies and administrative workers deal with on a daily basis. Our digital television systems installed in patient rooms and guest lobbies deliver entertainment options including DirecTV. Add our fully customizable patient education systems, and turn that in-room television set into a learning center with information and programming tailored to a specific patient. These targeted, interactive programs answer dozens of questions that patients have about their conditions and treatments that otherwise would take your employee’s time.

MDM Healthcare’s digital signage systems also help answer questions often asked of employees by patients’ visitors, including those concerning onsite and local amenities like hotels, restaurants and gift shops.

Answering questions and keeping patients and visitors happily occupied allows your staff to focus on their more pressing duties, improving efficiency and morale. Call MDM Healthcare at 800-670-0929 and speak with a specialist about your customized systems today.

Holiday Content Ideas for Hospital Digital Signage & TV Systems

Holidays can be tough when they’re spent in the hospital. Digital signage and TV systems content can help ease stress and lift spirits.

Holidays are meant to be a joyous time. But when they’re spent in a hospital bed, it can be a stressful time of year for both the patient and those who love him or her. To help ease that stress and lift spirits a bit, MDM Healthcare offers a few ideas for content for your hospital digital signage and TV systems during the Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year holidays:

  • Holiday / winter health tips
  • Slideshows of local holiday decorations
  • Fun info bits on holiday tradition origins and history
  • Info on holiday specials at hospital cafes and gift stores
  • Inspirational messages
  • Holiday films

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And from all of us here at MDM Healthcare – Have a safe and happy holiday!

Use Digital Signage to Improve Patient & Visitor Experience – Top 10 Content Tips

Digital signage for hospitals and healthcare facilities can improve the experience for your patients and their visitors.

Digital signage by MDM Healthcare is affordable, easy to operate and can improve the experience for patients and visitors at your hospital or healthcare facility, plus take a burden off your staff. By posting carefully selected, helpful content, you can inform your patients and their visitors of all sorts of information that they’d otherwise have to request of your nursing and administrative staff.

MDM Healthcare offers ten top recommendations for digital signage content displayed in your facility’s patient rooms, waiting rooms and hallways:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Visiting hours
  3. Information or nursing station locations
  4. Onsite café location, hours and menu items
  5. Gift shop location and hours
  6. Family & waiting room locations
  7. WiFi accessible room locations
  8. Parking lot info and directions
  9. Nearby hotel and restaurant locations
  10. Healthcare tips

MDM Healthcare’s high definition televisions come in 37-inch, 42-inch and 47-inch models. Accompanying EZ Sign digital signage software allows you and your staff to easily edit content by selecting pre-installed content templates, uploading images, filling in text and exporting content. Simply download your work to a flash drive and plug it into the TV.

To get your customized digital signage system, contact MDM Healthcare at 800-673-0929.

What’s Included With our Hospital Television Systems?

High quality hospital TV systems
High quality hospital TV systems with tailored programming options can help make a patient’s stay more comfortable for him or her, more profitable for you.

High-quality hospital television systems are proven to boost patient satisfaction, which can be a significant factor in better outcomes for patients and improved business for your hospital or healthcare facility. But what patients see on those flat-screen TVs is crucial to the success of your TV systems.

MDM Healthcare offers multiple programming packages that include:

  • Prescribed In-Room Patient Education: Our on-demand, integrated patient education feature allows doctors to prescribe in-room educational content tailored to a particular patient’s needs. Customized content mixes are chosen from your TV distribution system’s Patient Education Library. Plus, interactive controls allow patients to answer questions, with responses automatically added to the patient record system.
  • Digital Healthcare Channels: Upon turning on his in-room TV, your patient will see a Welcome Channel, which delivers a video greeting tailored to your hospital or healthcare facility’s branding. Patients and their guests can get information about meetings, group sessions and other hospital activities.
  • Entertainment: Let’s face it; being in the hospital is no fun. A little entertainment can help create a more homelike feel, reduce stress, make a patient’s stay more comfortable, and maybe even contribute to a better medical outcome. Entertainment options via our hospital TV systems include a variety of satellite or cable TV programming, digital movies, interactive games, server-based games, off-air programming, local television channels, XM Music and broadband Internet service.
  • In-Bed Patient Services: Right from their beds, patients can request services and communicate with healthcare providers via MDM’s interactive TV systems. Offering many more capabilities than the traditional nurse’s call button, our systems allow patients to select meals, read about their caregivers or complete patient surveys.

To make your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility more comfortable for patients, pleasant for your employees and profitable for you, contact MDM Healthcare today. Our specialists can help create a tailored hospital TV system that’s perfect for your facility, workers and patients.

Healthcare Facility TV Systems Boost Patient Satisfaction, Study Shows

Patients with access to hospital television and interactive patient education systems like those provided by MDM Healthcare report higher satisfaction levels.

Patient satisfaction is a prime goal for healthcare facilities. Not only does a patient’s outlook often contribute to better heath out comes, but word-of-mouth advertising is still king when it comes to driving business. That’s why medical and healthcare providers increasingly are installing interactive television and patient education systems in hospitals, clinics and other related facilities.

Studies show that patients who stayed in hospitals with TV and patient education systems reported higher overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience than were patients who stayed in hospitals without such systems. In fact, savvy patients have come to expect easy access to educational and entertainment features such as television programming, medical and hospital information and meal menus. After their stay, these patients are shown to be more likely to seek out and receive patient education on post-hospitalization care, which helps better maintain healthcare results.

In-room TV and patient education systems benefit healthcare facilities, too. Studies show that patients with access to these systems are less likely to trouble nurses with non-clinical requests. And they’re more apt to recommend hospitals and other facilities with interactive systems to others needing healthcare.

To help boost patient satisfaction with your hospital or other medical facility, contact MDM Healthcare. Call us toll-free at 800-359-6741 or complete our convenient online email form.

PDi 20” LCD Special!

MDM has over 500 refurbished PDi 20” Healthcare Grade Television in stock and ready to ship. Normally over $500 these sets are on sale for $229.00 and come with a full 90 day parts & labor warranty. Contact MDM Healthcare today and take advantage of this huge savings!

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MDM’s CEO Discusses the New LG Digital Signage Solution

“I just saw LG’s new EZSign digital signage solution and I’m blown away at how easy-to-use and affordable it is. This is a true High Definition Television that ships with the software to manage the signage message. This new product allows our healthcare customers to create a message or revenue generating advertisement on their PC, download it onto a memory stick, plug it into the TV and your good to go. It’s that simple and the software is very user friendly! I’ve seen a lot of expensive solutions delivered over high-end monitors. This one is 1/5 the price and easy to use…a winning combination!” -Steve Austin, MDM Healthcare CEO

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What Beats Our Prices? Priceless Peace of Mind.

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You can benefit from our experience and focus on the rest of your job while we customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Please tell us about your challenges, budget constraints and timeframe – we’ll listen to your needs and let you know how we can help. Contact us today by calling 1-800-673-0929 or use our click-to-chat feature at