Microfridges & Microwaves

MicroFridge Portable Refrigerators

MicroFridge® by Danby is a leading supplier of compact refrigerators for senior living facilities, resort lodging, hotels and motels. Innovative appliances, such as the MicroFridge combination microwave, were originally developed to eliminate in-guest-room electrical problems produced by the use of multiple in-room appliances. Today, the MicroFridge® “Safe Plug” power management system utilizes one plug to the wall for safer operations and reduced energy consumption. Plus, with only one wall plug used for multiple appliances, it leaves an open electrical socket to power other room elements. As an added convenience, the MicroFridge® allows guests to recharge personal electronic devices by plugging into the compact refrigerator’s dual-outlet charging station. A hotel or senior living facility MicroFridge has reversible doors for ease of installation in right-side or left-side guestrooms and the unit’s bold design complements any facility’s decor. Use our website’s “Click to Call” or “Chat Now” feature for a prompt answer to your questions.

Danby Refrigerators & Microwaves

Danby refrigerators allows your guests or residents to keep drinks, snacks, leftovers, baby bottles or their medications cool during their stay at your senior living facility, hotel, motel or resort facility. Since purchasing MicroFridge® earlier this year, Danby has become a leading supplier of commercial compact refrigerators to the healthcare and hospitality industry and offer several models that are perfect for guest-room installations. When installing a micro-refrigerator, it is important to locate the appliance away from sources of direct sunlight or heat. In addition, a Danby compact refrigerator is designed to be a free-standing unit just like the traditional kitchen refrigerator found in the home. Proper ventilation is required for improved performance and to maintain the unit’s optimal cooling capabilities. Whether you’re building new, replacing a few units or renovating your existing facility with built-in compact refrigerators, Danby has a style, size and price that will meet your needs. To learn more about the MicroFridge® combination microwave or Danby refrigerators, give us a call at 1-800-673-0929.