Long Term Care Monitoring System

Independence and Care CAN Go Together

Independa’s cloud-based software solution adds value to each member within the circle of care, from the care recipient to the personal and professional care givers.  Care recipients enjoy social integration and important appointment and medicine reminders through the world’s first and only TV with embedded eldercare services.  While caregivers engage through a comprehensive online portal to establish and track alerts, appointments, health metrics and more. 

The Independa platform offers an integrated approach to personal and professional caregiving and has been designed to be flexible and scalable to multiple models of caregiving.  For the professional caregivers, the Independa solution enables senior care providers to expand services and enhance profitability, without adding staff.  For the personal caregivers, it provides an easy to implement and use method of providing remote and in person support to loved ones. 

Caregiver Web Application

The holistic, cloud-based software solution and integrated platform brings together all elements necessary in providing effective, supportive eldercare.  The specific functionality chosen within the solution can be customized to the unique needs of each community. 

 Available features include:

  • Alerts and thresholds built off of wireless health devices and home sensors,
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Event and Medication Reminders
  • Community involvement features such things as dining and activities
  • Social Engagement
  • And More!

LG Television with Embedded Resident Portal

The Independa software is delivered through the TV to the care recipient / resident through a friendly, simple interface called Angela.  Angela offers a fun and inviting antidote to the number one issue for the elderly looking to remain independent:  social isolation.  

Featuring an intuitive interface designed for seniors, Angela comes ready to use with larger screen fonts, higher contrast and brighter colors geared to the needs of the elderly.

By interacting with Angela on the TV, care recipients have easy access to:

  • Video chat
  • Integrated health information
  • Important appointment reminders
  • Medication reminders
  • Easy family photo and message sharing
  • Community events and dining options
  • And more

No computer skills or systems knowledge is required.  The only technology that residents need to use is a standard TV remote. 


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MDM has furnished complete healthcare solutions for more than two decades. As one of the nation's largest distributors of LG TVs, we are proud to partner with Independa to provide revolutionary web-based products for monitoring health and the only TV in the world with embedded eldercare services. Knowing how your residents are doing in real time will allow your caregivers to intervene when necessary, while enabling them to serve more care recipients. To learn more about cost-effective virtual care technology, use our website's convenient "Chat Now" or "Click to Call" features.

The following videos talk about some of the challenges facing Senior Living facilities and home-care agencies. Each video shows ways that Independa can help in achieving goals and helping the end-user.


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