On-Demand Solution

MDM's Journey On-Demand patient experience solution is navigated by the telephone or pillow speaker from the patient’s room. The system is easy to use and very cost effective. Some of the features and benefits of the system include:


  • Navigation through the telephone system or through the pillow speaker
  • Leverages hospital’s existing cable infrastructure
  • Eliminates the hassle of finding DVDs and TV carts
  • System offers one or more scheduled-play channels that focus on relaxation, general health, nutrition, or wellness content provided by the hospital
  • Hospital can monitor usage at the patient level and measure comprehension through interactive questions
  • Comprehension reports can be delivered directly to a patient’s medical record
  • Ability to prescribe video to a patients room

It is common practice for Patients and families to use the telephone to receive service, as an example, when they call in to your hospital they most likely will receive telephone voice prompts to get them to the correct location. Our on-demand solution works in the same way. The content is organized by health category and also by number, so it is easy to find and play on their in-room television. Let the professionals at MDM Healthcare help you decide which solution works best with your budget. Use our website's convenient "Chat Now" or "Click to Call" feature for a prompt response to your questions.

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