Enhanced Solution


MDM's Network Based Solution with pillow speaker navigation, provides the ultimate patient education and engagement solution. The system enables doctors and clinicians the ability to deliver patient and family education directly to the patient’s in-room television in a compelling video format. Follow-up Comprehensive Quizzes, Patient Satisfaction Surveys and a wide range of other patient education applications can drive patient health literacy to their highest levels possible, with the delivery of the right content, to the right patient in the right place at the right time.


  • Navigated by pillow speaker
  • Educational videos can be assigned to the patient based on specific diagnosis, treatment and/or physician
  • Hospital can monitor usage at the patient level and measure comprehension through interactive questions
  • Poor comprehension scores trigger a message to the staff so that they can provide reinforcement training to the patient and family
  • Comprehension reports can be delivered directly to a patient’s medical record
  • Delivers personalized patient specific information
  • Two-way communication between the patient and staff
  • RF over coax or network cable utilizing Z-Band technology
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration available
  • No usage limitations and 100% scalable

How does the system work?

The patient navigates the menu screens on the in-room television with the pillow speaker. When content is selected, it is delivered to the television screen via RF over coax or network cable utilizing Z-Band technology and the cloud. This solution offers scalable and affordable interactive solutions which provide the ultimate patient experience. Let the professionals at MDM Healthcare help you decide which solution works best with your budget. Use our website's convenient "Chat Now" or "Click to Call" feature for a prompt response to your questions.

MDM Healthcare provides worry-free installations for high-definition headend systems, interactive patient education and entertainment media delivery as well as healthcare equipment consulting and project management services.

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