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Large Screen Commercial TVs

Large Screen Commercial TVs

Panasonic High Definition Large Screen LCD TVs

Panasonic large format plasma displays (58" to 103") provide the highest video quality for broadcast and other hospital applications. With great image quality and increased screen brightness in well-lit environments, the 103-inch LCD display is an instant showstopper. Installed in portrait orientation, the 89.3" x 50.2" screen can easily display a life-sized image of a person. Panasonic large format high-definition plasmas come with many desirable features to include:

  • Variety of Sizes and Resolutions
  • Richest Colors & Deepest Blacks
  • Plug-In Modular Architecture
  • Unparalleled Level of Customization
  • Incredible Professional Features
  • Low Service and Repair Rates

Large screen LCD displays from MDM Healthcare can play an important role in your facility for promoting interaction among patients, families, healthcare professionals and hospital administrators. Our complete line of high-resolution screens are ideal for broadcasting live events, digital retail signage or presentations to large groups . To contact an MDM healthcare representative in your region of the country, use our website's convenient "Chat Now" or "Click to Call" feature for prompt, professional response.