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Commercial Grade TVs

Hospital TV

Public displays using the latest digital technologies enhance a senior living or healthcare facility's ability to deliver a broad range of personalized communications, information and entertainment for staff and guests. Whether your needs include digital way-finding, dynamic messaging, revolving ads, waiting area entertainment or information boards, MDM Healthcare has a selection of makes and sizes to complement or replace your existing commercial grade televisions. Communicate with your patients, visitors and staff with cost-effective solutions to include:

  • LG - Commercial Grade Televisions
    LG has expanded their line of commercial grade TVs to satisfy the growing demand for public displays that meet the particular needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities. In addition to providing entertainment to lobbies and waiting rooms, you can improve your hospital's way finding and guest information services with state-of-the-art technology from LG.

We provide solutions for senior living, hospitals and healthcare facilities every day. Let our experienced staff help you select the right commercial-grade LED displays to meet your facility's vision for establishing exceptional information, education and entertainment services. LG large-screen displays are also ideal for developing digital signage that communicates your hospital's strengths and values. MDM's products are guaranteed to fit where you need them and connect seamlessly to your headend.

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